Submissive UK bitch gets face fucked and abused

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Gotte learn to deepthroat so guys can have fun! This dominant guy is giving his British puke whore a rough time. He slaps her face, fucks her throat and sticks his fingers down her throat while she sings.

Quite a conversation:
Gag on it bitch, that’s it.
Why are you so strong, it’s not fair.
Because you’re a bitch. Come here! (Slaps her face). Where are you going bitch? What’s wrong with you?
(Crying) I don’t wanna throw up.
You don’t wanna throw up? Well, just suck it then.
I hate you!
Come on, I’m not finished with you! Look up at the camera. Get down on your knees. Alright, now look up at the camera while you suck it. That’s it. Now hum “the wheels on the bus go round and round!”
Put the dick in your mouth…
I’m not doing that!
Put the dick in your mouth and hum “the wheels on the bus.”
Just do it! Do it. Come on.
Oh my god. (Choking) I can’t do it at the same time.
(Hums it for her) Do it. You are not humming!
(Humming while choking)
Ha ha ha! (slaps her face)